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Killer Conesus Bass

posted Jul 25, 2010, 4:32 PM by Eric Fetterman
Well, there it was. The top 3 teams weighed in over 20 lbs each, and alot of 4 lb fish were caught. The weather was decent, and the fishing was good with the total field of 19 boats. Word is, the topwater bite was non-existent, and most of the fish were caught in 16-20 ft of water on the dropoffs. The big fish went to Team Cook/Naples with a big ol' chubb-o  largemouth weighing in at 6.29 lbs. (I wonder how many texts that one was) They now hold the 2010 "Big Bass Bounty" largemouth, and McFadden (for now) holds the biggest smallmouth at 3.91 lb. Total weight was 278.52 lbs, with a 14.65 lb bag average. Ok guys, its time to wax your boats and get your gear re-organized, the Cayuga tournament is right around the corner. My boat number guess will be over 35. Any takers?