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STONE COLD Tournament Results

posted Oct 21, 2011, 5:58 PM by Eric Fetterman   [ updated Nov 8, 2011, 3:36 AM ]
Stone Cold 2011
Cusano / Haney 17.04 with Lunker 4.09
Dobbs / Batur 16.18
Stone / Alexander 16.14
Hixen / Friscia 16.09
Bobbett / Killoreu 15.80
Ventura / Giamei 13.86
McFadden 4.64
Microni / Kroll 4.63
Fetterman / Fetterman -
Lepage / Lepage -
Montgomery / Maulucci -
Maloney / Gearhart -
Bentz / Baxter -
Pool / Dallas -
Kausmeyer / Godfrey -
Falvo / Hubbard -
Furry / Furry -
According to the weather stations, it was supposed to be 3-7 mph winds and a hi of 50. There was to be sun in the morning becoming partly cloudy in the afternoon. Again, they didn't get it right. Imagine that. I wish I could bill the weather predictors ten bucks every time they got it wrong. The winds were light in the morning and had changed to around 10mph with gusts adding up to more than that. The sun showed its face for maybe 20 minutes all day. I would say with the wind chill, it never got above 40 degrees. Boat slapping chop on the east end was reported to me after the tournament. I can honestly say this would be a genuine "Stone Cold" tournament, weather and all.
18 boats graced the Oneida ramp on Saturday. It was pretty much feast or famine on the lake to say the least. Either you found them right away or you didn't. Teams that made the run east fared better than those that stayed west. Tools for the day were green pumpkin twister jigs and white spinnerbaits. (Guys, if I missed any particular thing, chime in below) The video I will post on out website of this tournament shows alot more of the "Stone Cold" on Oneida. I would like to thank everyone who made it. There were a mixed bag of fishermen and women there. Many members from different clubs were there to share a day on the water. It was a fun and successful tournament that will most likely happen again next year I'm sure.