About Us

Back in 1992, our club was originally started by a good bunch of guys just wanting to get away once in a while and get in some real fishing time. It has since grown from 6 members and boats that required some bailing, to its large membership base, numerous sponsors, and this web site.

We hold up to 10 tournaments a year, all are team bass tournaments and held on familiar waters throughout N.Y. State. The tournaments are held in a team format, so bring a friend- or in some cases, your spouse! Yes, we have husband and wife teams!

Our fees are modest, the competition is getting better year after year, and we have fun doing what everyone dreams of doing. Getting out on the water and enjoying a little fishing with friends and colleagues.  The prize money has never been nor ever will be the focus of this club.
If you need membership information, please see our club bylaws and tournament rules. Our rules are common sense and a hard copy of these rules will be with all Board Members that are present at each tournament. Members receive a copy of the rules and bylaws when dues are paid. You can sign up by reviewing the information on line and following the instructions on our membership page.

Thank you for your interest in this ever-growing Non-Profit organization.

Fish hard and prosper...