Cold Steel 89PA Pole Axe Axe 570247068

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In the 13th and 14th centuries great strides were being made in the fabrication of body armor. Wealthy, progressively minded knights were abandoning chain mail in favor of the more effective plate armor. Impervious to sword cuts and all but the most carefully aimed arrows, plate armor was, as we say these days, the bomb!But progress sometimes happens quickly and new advances in warfare technology invariably inspire new counter measures and weaponry. In this case the invention of the Pole Axe, with an axe blade at one end and a hammerhead at the other, became the perfect weapon of offense against plate armor. The hammer/axe head, mounted on a 6-foot shaft, could crush the heaviest plate armor and split the thickest helmets as if they were made of cheese!Cold Steels modern rendition of the Pole Axe is drop forged out of 1050 high carbon steel. The axe blade and hammerhead are differentially heat treated leaving the business ends of the weapon hard, and the body a little softer to absorb shock and resist breaking under impact. The shaft is made of ash and is flattened on the sides to resist twisting in the hand. To enhance the weapons structural sturdiness and to resist breakage, it has been equipped with a pair of steel langettes. There is little on this planet that can withstand the might of the Pole Axe or the man that wields it.Specifications:Weight: 6 lbs. 13 oz.Hawk Length: 10 1/2"Primary Edge: 6 3/4"Handle: 71"Overall: 73 1/8"

  • Easily capable of defeating modern day armor
  • Overall length: 73-1/8\"
  • With superior reach and armor-shattering force the Pole Axe represented the great equalizer between the common foot soldier and the terrifying jernaut that was the Knight on horseback on the medieval battlefield. The heavy machine-gun of its day, the Pole Axe was unstoppable. The same attributes that made the Pole Axe so renowned on the battlefields of old still ring true today. Easily capable of defeating modern day armor with the same brutal efficiency with which it despatched the Knights of old, the Pole Axe is a true powerhouse of performance. Through many years of experimenting and cross-training with axes, glaives, halberds and staves from all over the world and a multitude of martial cultures, Lynn C Thompson discovered the awesome potential of the Poll Arm against a whole host of opponents, even outfitted with today's modern armor and tools.

    detailedDescription":"Specifications: Weight: 6 lbs. 13 oz. Hawk Length: 10 1/2\" Primary Edge: 6 3/4\" Handle: 71\" Overall: 73 1/8\"

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    Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H):73.13 x 7.25 x 2.50 Inches

    Cold Steel 89PA Pole Axe Axe 570247068

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