Rescue Stoneware Urn Barrel – Includes Planter Rain Water Diverter, Hose Bibb, 60 Gallons, Sand 568416134

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Rescue deluxe rain barrels are money-saving. By reducing dependency on water from municipal sources, the energy demand for purifying water used for yard and gardening purposes is reduced. Collecting rain water eliminates strain on wells and water systems during drought conditions, and you save real dollars by reducing your monthly water and sewer bills. The rain barrel is a complete water collection system that holds up to 50 gallons of rainwater. Combining design with function, the rain barrel is a rustic whiskey barrel with hand painted black accent bands that looks great with home and garden decors. The top of whiskey barrel is an extra-large planter with built-in weep holes that prevent plant roots from being overwatered and acts as a functional piece of lawn decor. The rain barrel includes a downspout diverter kit that fits any 2 in. x 3 in. or 3 in. x 4 in. downspout. The product comes with a rain water diverter that easily installs into your downspout to divert water into the rain barrel while remaining aesthetically appealing. When the rain barrel is full, the diverter sends excess water through your downspout to automatically prevent any rain barrel overflow or standing water. The rain barrel can be connected to a soaker hose for convenient automatic watering of nearby plants. This product includes the following: 50 gallon whiskey barrel with planter, diverter, 36 in. tubing, barb plug, 48 in. main hose, ball cock with on/off control downspout, and 2 hose gaskets. The rain barrel also features a flat-back appearance, allowing the user to place it closer to their house or outdoor building.


  • RUSTIC STONEWARE URN DESIGN – Save resources by lowering your water bill while helping the environment with the EMSCO Group Rescue Stoneware Urn Rain Barrel! This rain barrel from EMSCO Group features an attractive urn design that will add rustic flair to your lawn or garden!
  • INTEGRATED PLANTER – The top of the rain barrel has an integrated planter that allows you to uniquely decorate your rain barrel and use its water to grow your plants! A built-in weep hole inside the planter provides proper drainage and prevents root rot.
  • INCLUDES RAIN WATER DIVERTER SYSTEM – The included diverter allows you to discretely divert rain water directly from your downspout to your rain barrel. There’s no longer a need to ruin the aesthetics of your garden by diverting through the top of the rain barrel! Each rain barrel comes with an easy to read diverter installation guide for a hassle free set up.
  • NO RAINWATER OVERFLOW - When the rain barrel is full, the diverter system automatically sends excess water back through your downspout, preventing any overflow or standing water that can attract pests like mosquitoes.
  • LARGE STORAGE CAPACITY – Experience superior functionality incorporated with attractive aesthetics with the EMSCO Group Rescue Stoneware Urn Rain Barrel! This deluxe rain barrel has a 60-gallon capacity that provides you with maximized storage for rainwater.





Manufacturer Part Number:3262-1

Assembled Product Weight:24.00 lb

Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H):24.88 x 24.88 x 41.88 Inches

Rescue Stoneware Urn Barrel – Includes Planter Rain Water Diverter, Hose Bibb, 60 Gallons, Sand 568416134

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