What is a Double-Shot?

Two bass tournaments in one day. An excellent fishery. Ample body of water. Plenty of green fish. Eight hours worth of bass fishing. If you think about it, what possibly could be any better?
We have held this tournament with great success since 2009. Our "Double Shot" tournament is basically 2 bass tournaments in one day, giving you a "double-shot" at winning both tournaments. There are two tournaments of 4 hours each, and are held on the same body of water. You need to bring in your best THREE FISH LIMIT for each tournament before the time expires. Its as simple as that. If you ever wanted to try bass fishing in a tournament format, this will give you an idea of how it all works, and also will allow you 2 chances at winning! The entry fee for this event will be split in half, and divided evenly between the 2 tournaments.
 We are looking forward to dramatically increasing the number of entries this year, and the amount of "buzz" we are getting about this particular tournament already has us planning for 2016. Be sure to register early, as registration will assign your boat number and flight number. Be sure you read and understand the rules for the Double Shot here.
To see the first years' Double Shot results, click here.